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  • Electrical Characteristics of the Housing AWG Screw Clamp (20 to 12 AWG) (0 to 2.5mm STR)
    • Wire stripping length 7mm - Screw driver 3.5mm
  • Mechanical Characteristics of the Housing Body - Polyamide UL 94.V2
    • Working temperature -40 to +100 degrees C
  • The Housing is to be mounted on DIN Rail EN50022 35 X 7.5 or 35 X 15 (Steel or Aluminum) or 35 Elevated Aluminum Rail.
  • The housing provides two parallel line and two parallel load terminations. The AC circuit breakers also have a Ground termination. Marking Tags are provided.
  • Dimensions 4.75" (H) X 3.00" (W) X 1.00" (D)